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Adam Spivey

Born and raised in the village of Elizabethtown, IL Adam grew up singing in the church with his paternal Grandparents. At the age of 10 is when Adam learned he had a God given gift. His elementary music teacher Mrs. Broadway challenged all her 5th grade classes to learn the Star-Spangled Banner as she felt it especially important that her students knew the words and what it stood for. She gave the classes a week to prepare and she would pick the best performer. The student she picked would get to sing it over the intercom at the beginning of school to the entire elementary school. They would also have the honor of singing it at the high school basketball game. Who do you think was the first one to volunteer to sing it? You guessed it Adam! He loves to tell the story that after he was finished singing, he will never forget the look on Mrs. Broadway’s face as well as all his classmates faces. He thought he had really messed it up until she spoke up and said Mr. Spivey did you know you could sing? Adam replied no and she quickly said well you can and that is how you sing the National Anthem class! She did not ask anyone else or any other class to perform it. As the saying goes and the rest is history. He started singing anywhere and everywhere and all through his scholastic career. He fell in love with gospel music but also loved all genres of music especially country music.

At the age of 19 he decided to quit college and move to Nashville to try for a career in Country Music. While the career did not pan out God had other plans and took him back to his roots of singing in the church. This is where he met the incredibly talented Lisa Meyer, and a friendship was formed as well as a new duet partner.          

Lisa first approached Adam about doing an album together in 2013. The timing for the project never seemed to work out. In 2019 when she approached Adam about recording again, they could not have known what 2020 would bring! God had a plan and knew that everyone involved in the making of this album would need it. Not just from a job and getting paid but from the aspect of using their God given talents to create a piece of art!

Adam hopes that everyone who listens to Sunday Drive will remember the good ole days but also look forward to the future as you never know God’s plan for you!

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Lisa Meyer

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Lisa was exposed to all genres of music including Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, and Americana. 

She vocally trained for eight years, earning a degree in theatre, performing in musical theatre in Washington, D.C., New York, and California, and recording demos and jingles for various studios. 

Making her way to Nashville, Lisa backed up many songwriters in various clubs. 

However the Nashville blessing came when she began singing on praise team in church with Adam. 

This project is a long time in the making. First being realized several years ago, it was not in God's timing. However in 2019 when she approached Adam about recording again, they could not have known what 2020 would be and how people would need to be encouraged and lifted up!

It is her sincere desire that Sunday Drive will allow listeners to reminisce, reflect, and realize the goodness of our Savior! 

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