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If you are old school like we are and would like to purchase an actual CD, you can buy via PayPal (Click) or Venmo us @adamspivey_lisameyer and include your mailing address.

If paying by check please email for our address. The price is $12.99 + $3.95 shipping per CD for a total of $16.94.

To purchase on digital platforms please see below.

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Thank you to all of the very talented and gracious people that took part in making this album become a reality. It wouldn't have been possible without all of you and we are honored you took the Sunday Drive with us!

Music: Welcome


We wanted to give a shout out to the songwriters & publishers of the songs that will be featured on the album Sunday Drive. It all begins with a Song and these are the talented storytellers that created works of art. We are thrilled to be able to include these songs on the album. They are some of our favorites and we hope they are or will become yours too!

I'm Standing on the Solid Rock

By Harold Lane

Copyright 1977, Ben Speer Music

I Ain't Giving Up On Jesus

By Troy Olsen, Jimmy Yeary, and Ben Hayslip

Copyright Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp. o/b/o Made for This Music, Warner-Tamerlane Pub

o/b/o Hillbilly Poetry, Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp., Ole Black to Black Songs,

WB Music Corp, and WB Music Corp. o/b/o Get a Load of This Music

Got to Be Love

By Luke Brown, Chuck Butler, and Regie Hamm

Copyright BMG Cicada o/b/o Far Reaching Light and BMG Cigada o/b/o Social Frequency Music

Fly to You

By David Phelps

Copyright Wordspring Music, LLC o/b/o Soulwriter Music Co, Inc. and Wordspring Music, LLC

Jesus and Gravity

By Elizabeth Ulmer and Craig Wiseman

Copyright Big Red Toe Music and Big Loud Shirt

Somebody's Out There Watching

By Steve Booker, Robin Lerner, and Francine Vicki Golde

Copyright BMG Platinum Songs o/b/o Vmg Worldwide, BMG Bumblebee, Songs of Windswept Pac.

o/b/o Windswept Music (London) Ltd., and Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp.

Who But You

By Bernie Herms and Nichole Nordeman

Copyright Capitol Cmg Paragon, Capitol Cmg Genesis o/b/o Birdwing Music,

Capitol Cmg Genesis o/b/o Birdboy Songs, and Capitol Cmg Paragon o/b/o Bernie Herms Music

Bring It All Together

By Shaun Shankel and Christa Wells

Copyright Wc Music Corp. o/b/o Shankel Songs, Curb Songs o/b/o Weimarhymes Pub, Inc.,

Curb Songs o/b/o Cinco Ninos Publishing, and Wc Music Corp.

Little White Church

By David Phelps

Copyright Capitol Cmg Amplifier o/b/o Soulwriter Music Co, Inc.

Power In The Blood

By Lewis E. Jones (1899)

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